Dec 05, 2020

The Selfish Crocodile

The Selfish Gene

The Selfish Gene von What You Will Learn vor 4 Monaten 51 Minuten 250 Aufrufe The , Selfish Gene , is one of the most influential , books , on Evolutionary Biology in history. Written by Richard Dawkins, the , book ,  ...

the selfish gene chinese edition

Any living beings, including ourselves, are just the survival machine, which has already been input into some formula secretly in fact, to maintain those selfish molecular called gene. This book is a real cognitive science. Replication, variation and elimination, these three simple mechanisms can evolute the numerous life phenomenons in the boundless universe. This is a system of general self consistency, though many detailed problems can perfect constantly.

Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene explained

Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene explained von The Royal Institution vor 6 Jahren 4 Minuten, 12 Sekunden 215.264 Aufrufe In this short clip Professor , Richard Dawkins , discusses how he arrived at the idea of , the \"selfish gene , \" -- the basis of his seminal ...

The Selfish Crocodile

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The Selfish Crocodile